Putting people first

Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group

The Hounslow Wellbeing Network is delivered by the West London Mental Health Trust on behalf of Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group. It was developed with both local patients and clinicians to meet the needs of people with long-term mental health conditions in the borough.

This new model of care is driven by a holistic, person-centred approach, and at its core is a philosophy of collaboration and co-production between service users and health and care professionals.

The Wellbeing Network is a new and exciting approach to making life easier for people with mental health needs, by directly engaging with them, designing services with them, and helping them to develop a new sense of optimism and ownership of their health and wellbeing.

The Hounslow Wellbeing Network wanted a distinctive presence, which would resonate with the community both online and in the real world, supported by advice on social media, communications and engagement planning and a suite of campaign materials.

Verve’s team of health communications professionals, design specialists, and technical experts worked closely with the group through a process of co-production and user engagement to develop an exciting and distinctive brand, identity and website for the network.

“Life is vibrant – we aren’t all wearing one colour. We need to make sure we have a number of colours in the logo as we’re all different.”

– comment from a workshop attendee


As a company, we don’t simply develop websites from a technical perspective, but we also bring extensive experience of the NHS, mental health, local government plus additional associated expertise which we believe is relevant such as: search engine optimisation, integration with social media, and content management.

We have a very strong track record engaging, debating and delivering information to stakeholders, the media, patients and the public. For example, we have co-ordinated communications around difficult local service changes, including closure of A&E services, which led the local council to comment that the process had served to ‘strengthen public engagement’ and regional implementation of campaigns to encourage appropriate use of urgent care and the introduction of the new 111 number in London.

Our design studio has delivered a number of successful campaigns across the private and public sector - above all, our branding and co-production credentials are strong – we bring a great deal of experience co-producing brands and corporate identities for both public and private sector organisations, including many projects for the NHS.