NHS continues to support

Kate Granger campaign.


The NHS and health community has welcomed the ‘Hello, my name is’ campaign by terminally-ill doctor Kate Granger, which has encouraged workers across organisations to introduce themselves to patients.

Dr Granger was inspired to start the initiative in the summer of 2013 after receiving treatment for her cancer from a doctor who did not introduce himself, which made her feel upset and motivated to make a change.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, she explained: "The lack of introductions really made me feel like just a diseased body and not a real person".

She added: "I got my cancer diagnosis three years ago and unfortunately I'm not going to get better, I have a rocky road ahead of me.

"I want my legacy to be a better health service.”

The campaign has quickly won support across the country with more than 400,000 health professionals across over 90 organisations promoting the initiative.

NHS trusts across England, Scotland and Wales took to Twitter on Monday showing their support for the campaign, tweeting with the hashtag #hellomynameis, which quickly became a top trend in the United Kingdom.

Both Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband have voiced their support for the campaign, while Band Aid organiser Bob Geldof and Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore have also praised Dr Granger’s efforts.

Writing in a blog, Dr Granger explained the importance of a simple introduction to the overall experience a patient encounters during their care.

"It is about making a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust. In my mind it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care.”