Social media marketing

Social media has revolutionised communication. Over the past decade or so sites like Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the way that miliions of people interact with their services.

Service providers must take part to stay relevant because their services are discussed - and an effective approach towards social media helps a better understanding of what is important and meaningful, so that better services can be built.

We provide exceptional social media marketing services to:

 - Raise awareness of new campaigns, service changes and initiatives

 - Increase the size of followings and networks

 - Listen and monitor online conversations to help design services and change

 - Improve internal communications and recruitment

 - Effect behavioural change and improve lifestyle choices

 - Employ social media marketing as an integrated part of other services, such as search marketing

 - Design a social media strategy that everyone can understand.

Verve uses social media marketing in a targeted way and works within a strategic framework that focuses on goals, targets and KPIs.