Meeting and exceeding equalities duties

Meeting and exceeding equalities duties


We believe that communities are stronger and more vibrant when they are diverse, and that public services aspiring to excellence must listen, reach out and understand the different needs of their many citizens and service users.

You may be looking at system-wide changes or redeveloping a major service.  You may be a local service with a disproportionate impact on key groups of users. Or you may need a targeted campaign to tackle a health inequality within an identified community.

For your organisation, one size will not fit all. So Verve brings a range of approaches to help you to model best practice and exceed Equality Act duties when planning for new services or organisational change.

We bring expertise, networks and a track record of success in:

 - Reaching diverse communities using targeted publications and networks, such as the BME press, and trusted community and faith groups

 - Targeted engagement using research, strategy and planning

 - Ensuring inclusion and encouraging access to governance and leadership structures.

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