Engaging communities

The UK is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, and London is one of the most diverse cities, so public sector organisations must understand and reach communities to provide the best services.

Verve’s approach is to work with hard-to-reach groups face-to-face, through trusted networks, community groups and ethnic media - so that members of all local communities are included in plans, not overlooked.

We are experts at engaging multi-cultural communities - and we use a range of proven approaches to reaching diverse audiences:

 - Research: we identify leaders and community networks, and establish forums through which you can create a dialogue

 - Collaboration: we work with other agencies and organisations to establish a credible, trusted route to reach target groups

 - Media relations: we promote, publish and interact using targeted online and offline media – employing a mix of advertising, PR and sponsored content to communicate directly, in the right tone and language

Verve can help you make sure that your services are inclusive, welcoming and meet the diverse needs of your customers.